Friday, June 17, 2016

June 12, 2016

I went to the PVA for church today and worked in the primary. The volunteer Sister running the primary has been a member for less than one year and has not been trained. She has no idea what to do. Three weeks ago I gave her all the manuals, gospel arts book, and everything available at the distribution center for primary. There were 35 children in Primary today and she is trying to teach them by herself. I went prepared today to do singing time. She was suppose to prepare a lesson. She did not. So I did it all. They only have a one-hour primary. I used the Gospel arts book and told them Book of Mormon Stories mostly. I felt impressed to show them a picture of the Temple and asked them about it. They said it was a building the Missionaries go to to learn about how to be missionaries. They were clueless on the real purpose of the temple. I used pictures in the gospel arts book to explain the purpose of the Temple. The older children were in awe. After church was over, I had a meeting with Sister Cecilia and we decided on how to run the primary next week. She is going to prepare a lesson and I am going to do singing time. She is not familiar with the music in the children's song book. For opening exercises I asked her to choose a scripture or an article of faith to have the children recite. I had printed out the opening exercise agenda for her. After we had our meeting and she had gone home, I was talking to Saidu Thoronka about our meeting and he informed me Sister Cecilia is illiterate. I could have crawled into a hole. He said he would help her prepare. Good grief! Why didn't she tell me. I don't bite. I would have done something different that would have allowed her to be successful. But with Saidu's help, she will be successful.

 Our humanitarian work is quite consuming and getting together with her is near impossible. I could have worked with after church if I had known her situation. I will know for next week. Don went to Chruch at the Grafton Branch. District President Sesay asked him to be there for priesthood support this week since the Branch President died on Thursday.

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