Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June 25, 2016

Elder Madu was ready for breakfast right at 7:00 just as he said he would be. I had breakfast laid out for him and I cooked an egg and cut up a tomato for myself. We were going to have prayer and he took my hand in both of his and asked me to pray. I did. We then enjoyed breakfast together. He poured water on his cereal. He said he does not use milk on his cereal. After breakfast, we drove him to BO, a town 4 hours away, for district conference. We met the Clawsons and Sherwoods for lunch and then attended the Saturday afternoon adult session of conference. It was very good. Elder Madu made several statements that made me wonder. One thing he said was "there are NO ITES". After conference Don and I went to the hotel and went to the hotel restaurant and had a pizza. The first pizza we have eaten since leaving the states. It was good and hit the spot.

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