Friday, June 17, 2016

May 13, 2016

We went to the PVA (Polio Victims Association) this morning and took pictures of the 22 homes that will be getting zinc sheeting put on their roofs. It was a nice visit with many people. The material supplier is butted up to the PVA so there will be no transportation costs. The cost of the project is 33,660,000.00 Leones or $5,801 USD. Now get this, This is a cash only society and their largest bill is 10,000 Le. . The PVA will provide all the labor. This is a good project. As we were going through the complex, I met a woman wearing a very pretty blouse and I said "OO, that is a very pretty shirt". She stuck her arm out and said "African Black". I stuck my arm out and said "American White". Then I pulled on her shirt and said "very pretty shirt". She then realized what I originally said and we both laughed. We were walking around with several men, all victims of polio and on crutches. I was amazed how well they got around. The ground is very rocky and they just go across it as if it was nothing. One time a man on crutches wanted to see the top of the roof so he jumped up on a rock and stretched his head as best he could and then jumped down. A few minutes later, Don jumped onto a rock and slipped off. I thought it was pretty funny. A one-legged man on crutches could do it but a two-legged man not on crutches slipped off. Then a bird crapped down Don's left arm. Oh, how the Lord keeps us humble. We had our laundry with us, so when we got to the mission home I washed a load of whites and got Don a clean shirt.

Brother Doe is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.

We actually had a fascinating young man come into the office this afternoon. He is an out-of-work nurse who wants to open a pharmacy. We had to tell him he was not qualified because he has not gone to school to be a pharmacist. However, we talked about many other options of things he can do with his nursing degree to be self-reliant. President Alie Kargbo was in the office and we brought him into the meeting to help translate for us. Even though we all speak English, words and phrases mean different things to each of us. Like when I asked a man if he would like some pop and he looked at me so funny and said "NO". Uh-Oh what did just ask him? So I explained I was going to get a soda and asked if wanted one. "YES". I asked him what "pop" meant to him. He said it was popped rice and wondered why I wanted him to have some in the middle of the day. Back to my story: Alie came in and translated and then told the man he had a man in his Branch that was a pharmacist and owned a pharmacy. He volunteered to visit with him on Sunday after Church and to feel him out and see what opportunities may be available for you. He asked the man to call him on Monday. Don was pretty excited when he left the Office. This may be another tender mercy. When Brother Doe comes home, he may need nursing care and this man may be the answer. He is a nurse and he has the strength to pick Bro. Doe up and move him around, if need be. His request to start his own business was a unique request. All other requests have been "what can you give me". M

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