Friday, June 17, 2016

June 8, 2016

Don, Sister Clawson and I talked to Sahr Doe today and talked about several options on his living arrangements when he gets home, which should be at the end of June. Sahr wants the house the miles have been living in to be remodeled for him and his needs. Don is undertaking that project with the help of Sahr's construction crew. Sister Clawson is an interior designer and she will be designing the layout of the home and the awning over the porch and the wheelchair ramp. The 3 of us have visited 3 hospitals interviewing physical therapists. We have one or two more to visit. So far the only one that offer electrical impulses is Choithrams and their equipment looks archaic.

 The Chinese hospital is a very nice hospital but they have out priced themselves and have no patients. They have very nice, modern, equipment but seldom has anyone trained to operate them. They have a rotating schedule of technicians. They come for 6 months, do what they are capable of doing on the machines they are trained on and then leave and the next batch of technicians rotate in and they use the equipment they are trained on.

After talking to Sahr, Sister Clawson and I visited with Sister Doe and got permission for us to have a birthday party at the compound with only those living in the compound. That would be the 4 missionaries, Don and myself, and the Doe family. 10 in all. I told Michaella I would teach her how to make the chocolate cake she loves so much on Saturday morning. Her grandmother and nanny are going to make rice and sauce (stew) for supper and I am going to make some baking powder biscuits. Sister Clawson is going to make some pink (Michaella's favorite color) frosting roses to go on the cake.

If I get a chance, I want to get Michaella a scarf or a wrap that they wear here for a gift.

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