Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June 26, 2016

We stayed the night in Bo. We went to district conference. The building was wonderful. It was very big and patterned after the stake centers in America. They, of course, do not have a/c but all the windows were open and they actually had ceiling fans that worked. It was wonderful. But then a heavy downpour started and the temperature dropped and all the windows were shut and the fans turned off because the Africans cannot stand any temperature below 80 degrees. Don and I were suffocating. There were 840 people at this district conference and the heat, sweat, and smell rose quickly. Finally, someone on the stand motioned to someone to start the fans back up. Oh what a relief. After conference, we came home and brought Miriama Kargbo with us. She went with Sister Clawson but she lives close to us, so we brought her home. She is such a sweet 27 year old single woman with a beautiful testimony. She is six feet tall and wears 4" heels. She is slender and very stylish. When she walks into a room, heads turn. We were going to have dinner at the Clawson's tonight but everyone was tired and Elder Madu wanted to go to his hotel and be alone. We are going to have dinner tomorrow night at the Clawson's after the office closes.

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