Friday, June 17, 2016

June 4, 2016

We had a fun day today. We went with the Miles and the Miners (other Senior Missionaries) to the chimpanzee sanctuary. It was fascinating. The chimps put on a show for us. One male chimp made a loud call and 7 of his closest friends came swinging in on tree limbs. They did not come close to him but they were very fun to watch. The male chimp picked up a big rock and climbed a limbless tree to the top where there was one branch with a lot of leaves. The whole way up the tree he kept threatening us with that rock. We were warned before we left that the chimps sometimes will throw a rock and we were not to throw a rock back because if we did all the chimps would throw rocks at us. There were about 10 of us on this walking tour. We all kept our eyes on that rock in his hand. At one point he put it in his mouth and turned his back on us. We were all relieved. Then he got to the top of the tree and he did not have that rock. We all decided he had to have stored that rock in that group of leaves. We stayed at this particular location for quite a while. When we left, that chimp was not happy. He wanted to be the center of attention and we were leaving. He ran along the fence line screaming at us until he couldn't go any further. Then he just stood there and screamed at us. AWWWW!
We left the sanctuary and decided to go to the large and spacious building to shop. I hate that place. There are so few people who go there that the merchants are all over you pushing their wares in your face and following you around and absolutely making you miserable. I had 3 men all selling the same product trying to get me to buy from them and I kept saying "NO" "Leave me alone" "NO". They only kept at me. Finally Don stepped in and called them off of me. As I was walking away the 3 men got into a fight with each other because no one got a sale. I wanted out of there and I left the building.

 On the way home, we stopped at the PVA to check on the work and learned all 22 homes have been re-roofed and the project is done. Also, the security bars for the Windows and doors at the Black Smith shop were being installed. This will complete our first two projects. Yeah!

While at the PVA a woman I met last week who introduced herself to me as "yilla"(she was one who received a new roof and she thanked me profusely) asked Don where her friend was. I was in the truck with Sister Miles. We were deep in conversation so I did not go with Don to check on the work. Don told her I was in the truck. She was OK with that and asked Don what his real name is. His name tag says Elder Carley. Don told her his mother named him Donald. She thought about that and said, "I am going to give you an African name". She thought some more then with both her hands in a fist and with her thumbs up and her index fingers pointing at him said, "Joseph

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