Friday, June 17, 2016

May 20, 2016

Spent the entire day 9am - 7pm inspecting 6 wells, 5 spring boxes and 4 Latrines on the
east side of Freetown that the church built in 2014. We were very pleased that the
majority of them had been well maintained. We were disappointed with a couple of
them who let the wells get ruined and one latrine was a huge failure because it was
within spitting distance to the ocean and the ocean is free to use as a bathroom and it
cost 2 cents to use the toilets. Needless to say their beaches are foul! We will make a
final report to SLC on Monday on these facilities and close them as projects.

Two more houses at the PVA (polio victims association) were re-roofed today. We
showed up on our way home to check on the project. We were met by several people
thanking us profusely for the new roofs. The rainy season has started and it poured
yesterday and today. They were very happy they have dry beds. Saidu Thoronka, our
materials manager, said he is having the homes with the worst problems fixed first. We
are so pleased with that. John Lukay is our site manager and is making sure the roofing
is done correctly. He is a very talented young man. He works for Sahr Doe as his
"gopher" and is without a job until Brother Doe comes back.

Nelson, Sahr Doe's banker, called Don this afternoon and told him Sahr called him and
gave him instructions. Don is to go in to see Nelson on Monday. Don was almost doing
cartwheels. He is so very pleased Sahr is beginning to think about his business and is
making decisions.

Don got a text from Sister Doe today saying the doctor says Sahr has chest congestion
and she was asking Don what they should do about it. He text her back and told her to
call Dr. Anderson, the American Doctor there in Accra, who has been looking in on Sahr.
We are both very tired tonight.

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