Friday, June 17, 2016

May 23, 2016

Today was an odd day. We took John Lukay to the bank because he was having trouble
cashing a check I wrote him. We got that straightened out. But that put us on the
north side a Freetown which is much closer to the Mission Office than going back home
and around. But it does force us to drive in the heart of Freetown and that is one awful
mess. But Don was a trooper and downtown we went. Don had quite a bit of business
to attend to downtown so we found a place to park and I was stuck waiting.
Fortunately, Saidu Conteh was on duty as a security guard close by so he and I had a
two-hour visit. Saidu was telling me about his brother being legally engaged. That
confused me because I was picturing a formal document or an agreed upon dowry or
something. But he was vague on his explanation and I could not decipher the meaning
of his words. While Saidu and I visited Don spent his time working on Sahr Doe's
finances. He met with Brother Doe's Banker and Don was authorized to pay Sahr's
contractors. The banker did not know all the people who needed to be paid so Don sat
with him and identified each person and how much to pay them. Then we went to the
office and worked until 6:15. We could have stayed much longer but they were anxious
to lock up the office for the night.

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