Friday, June 17, 2016

May 19, 2016

Don received a phone call from sister Clawson who heard from the American Doctor in
Accra who is watching over Sahr Doe. He said Sahr's neck looks like a master surgeon
did the repair. However, the nerve damage is so severe that he is paralyzed from the
neck down. They are giving him physical therapy and we will just have to wait and see
what the Lord has in store for him.

We spent 7 hours this afternoon and evening inspecting 2 wells, 2 spring boxes, and 1
Latrine that the Church built in 2014 in western Freetown. The first well we went to
was way down the mountainside the rest of the wells, spring boxes and the latrine
were places we had to hike to but not near as steep as the first well. We walked
through so many open running sewer streams. This is where the dogs, cats, chickens,
pigs and every other animal get their "water". It is so disgusting. None of these animals
are taken care of. They are just there and no one takes care of them. The dogs have
mange and open sores where the flies have eaten them plus the dogs fight and take
chunks out of each other and they walk around with wide open wounds. Plus none of
the animals are fed. They all have to scrounge through the trash to find food. The pigs
live in the sewers. It is amazing though that they don't kill each other for food. There
are tons of baby chicks but nothing eats them.

The councilor's house at the PVA got re-roofed today.

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