Friday, June 17, 2016

June 3, 2016

We went to Makeni today and did Auxiliary Training. I ended up doing nothing because Sister Clawson took all the time plus ran over by 15 minutes. She did an awesome job and I learned so much from her. Working with the Saints here is very different than the kind of teaching we do in America. These people have no association with Mormon history and do not relate to it. Frequently used terms in America mean nothing to these people. I am learning how to teach in a whole new way. Also visiting us this week are Melissa Hockley, and Joan and Elder Heckle. Elder and sister Heckle are literacy trainers for all of the world for the church. They and Melissa have revised all of the church curriculums that will be coming out in January. The curriculums will be very simple to teach and are based on the Scriptures.

 We received training while they were here and today Melissa spent and hour training the Saints in Makeni. It was fascinating. I thoroughly enjoyed it. On the way back to Freetown, Melissa and Sister Clawson rode with us. Melissa said she thought I should be taught to be a trainer for the literacy program. I told her I was very interested in that because I have used the Laubach method of reading for 40 years in teaching people to read. Melissa became very excited. She said "that is what we based our revisions on." Then I became excited. I love the Laubach method of reading. The people I have worked with have been quite successful using this method. Illiteracy is very bad here in Africa. There are so many people who cannot read. I am thrilled to be able to teach through this new program and look forward to the new curriculum.

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