Friday, June 17, 2016

June 9, 2016

Aunt peg (Pauline Frank Roder) passed away at 3:00 am this morning. It brought back painful memories of January 14, 2011. Our hearts are saddened.
Had a day in the office. Lots of things happened. It is amazing how many people come into the office to visit us. Most of the time it is related to our humanitarian work but some times it's men who are looking for counsel about things that are weighing on their minds. They come in distraught and, as Brother Thomas who we share an office with says, they leave with hope. They come seeking "Elder Carley". He listens and he just helps them think through their issues. He lets them talk it all out and they come up with their own goals. They leave with a clarity of thought which brings comfort to their souls. That is the blessing of age and life experiences. Plus, Don is an exceptionally tactful man - that is a spiritual gift.

Since we have been on our mission, Don has been given a "spiritual gift". That gift is the gift of discernment. We have been approached several times by unethical people desiring "help for their community" only to have a hidden agenda of how they can line their own pockets with the humanitarian money. Don has been blessed to recognize a scam no matter how well it is covered up. He has learned how to say "NO", look into a person's eyes and dismiss them in a way they know they have been caught. The Lord is in charge of the work here in Sierra Leone and He will not have thieves with their fingers in His sacred money.

 There is definitely a mantle with this calling. It is physically felt by both of us. It feels like a coat of protection has been placed around us. The Holy Ghost is constantly guiding and inspiring us. Not only with the work we are doing, but in all things. His presence is felt and I must say enjoyed very much. I can truly understand how some missionaries find it very hard to be released and why some senior missionaries have served 7 and 8 missions. This is an incredible experience to be so closely associated with deity.

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