Tuesday, September 27, 2016

August 13, 2016 - Reusable Fabric Menstrual Kits Given out!!

We had a Healthy Lifestyle conference with the Kossoh town District. The Days for Girls project that the YW did in the Lincoln, Nebraska Stake was presented to the YW here by Sister Clawson, Cholena and Gabby. It was very well attended. There were 39 young women. The presentation was plain and easy to understand and for some young women, it was all new information. They have no clue how the body works. They received their kits with joy and they were excited to see pictures of the American girls at girls' camp working for them. Pictures were also taken on this end of the girls receiving their kits and will be shared with the YW/RS in Lincoln. It was such a wonderful service project by the Lincoln, Nebraska Stake and it was wonderful Cholena and Gabby hand-carried the kits to Africa.

A little Extra from Cho:

This was truly the culmination of a lot of work. Sister Bryan, Sister Oliver, and Sister Berry organized us at Young Women's Camp this summer to make these kits. With the help of many volunteers and donations from the Lincoln Nebraska Stake Relief Society we were able to have the girls, ages 12-18 make these kits. They cut fabric, surged ends, top stitched and added snaps to make these kits. The girls also wrote notes to include in the kit. The kit included 2 reusable waterproof shields, and 8 reusable washable flannel liners. They all came in their own fabric bag which was also made by the girls. We made 39 kits at camp and we had 39 girls come to the class to learn about their bodies.

this was a miracle to me. we asked the girls what they learned that day, these were some of their responses:

I learned what the law of chastity was
I learned that i shouldn't drink alcohol
I learned that my body is a temple
I learned that my body is a gift from God
I learned that I can track my periods so they don't have to be a surprise

Doing this a camp was ALOT of work, but if it made a difference in the life of even one girl it was worth it. Knowledge is empowering. Knowledge brings stability. The knowledge these young women gained will do that for them and all they share it with.

By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.

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