Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 17, 2016

Don went to the hospital this morning to pick up the hurt Elder. I did not go with him. The Elder was ready and eager to get home to rest in his own bed.

It was an easy day. I made a big batch of cookies and a carrot cake. It doesn't matter how much I bake, it all disappears.
 Geneba came over tonight to visit. She was hungry. I warmed up some leftovers and she ate. She told me that she is not getting enough to eat. Sister Doe has limited the cooking of rice to 5 cups per day.

That is suppose to feed 8 - 10 people and 5 dogs. It is not enough and many times, Geneba goes without. She has gotten thin.

 She has not come to church in over a month so I asked her to go with me tomorrow to translate for me in Relief Society. She said she would go.

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