Tuesday, September 27, 2016

August 18, 2016

The Internet and A/C are both down today at the mission office. We had several meetings today and are working on a milla tank (water) project. The contractor came in needing an additional 1,500,000 Leones ($250.00 USD) for an unforeseen expense. He had to hire day-laborers to break a huge rock that was in the way of the site. Don had asked for 1,000,000 Leones ($170.00 USD) over the quoted amount of the project - just in case. We gave him the 1,500,000. I hope the rest of the project comes in under budget, otherwise, we have to apply for a supplemental budget and the Church does not like that to happen.

Cholena reminded me of the mussel I dropped in the cup holder in the car. I said OK and then promptly forgot.

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