Tuesday, September 27, 2016

August 4, 2016

Elder Samchee has a 103.6 fever. Sister Clawson called and asked me to go over and give home 2 Tylenol and to sponge him down with some cool water. His companion, Elder Carlson, went to the Doe's and asked them if their driver could take him and Elder Samchee to the hospital. When I got over to their apartment, they were coming out the door. The driver was getting the car out. I gave Elder Samchee 2 Tylenol and felt his head. Oh My! He was very hot.

Cholena has Brother Doe picking up balls from one bowl and placing them into another bowl. She said after he moved 7 balls he was very tired. He had "porridge" for breakfast so Sister Doe would not let him feed himself. She does not like him making a "mess".

 Gabby is in the outdoor kitchen with Amenetta cooking something for dinner for the Doe family and all their helpers. Gabby came back and said she did not know what they were cooking but she did eat one bite of it and it was not pleasant and she did not want to know what it was.

We are having dinner tonight with the Clawson's, Miners, Coberlys, and the AP's (2 young missionaries who are assistances to the President - President Clawson). We are having Spaghetti, garlic bread, raw vegetables, which we are bringing, and baked apples with some kind of a glaze sauce. Everyone is tired of rice. Spaghetti will be a nice break.

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