Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 7, 2016

Africa has numerous secret societies that have been borne out of long-standing tribal relationships. A friend of ours has been gone for about 2 weeks and we wondered where he was.

 He reappeared today and told us the following: When he was a young man, still living at home, they were trying to get him to join the secret society his father belonged to. His father would not allow it. Two weeks ago the son (now a man with a family of his own) went home to one of the provinces to visit his family. While there his father asked him to deliver a trunk to a certain village. The son loaded the trunk into a taxi and went to that village. Upon arriving at the village, his father called and said he changed his mind and wanted him to deliver the trunk to a different village. Then the father told the son "but do not sleep there". The son didn't think anything about that statement. Even though it was getting late and it was storming, he went to the other village and delivered the trunk to an elderly woman who said to him, "Do not sleep here, they are waiting for you". The son knew exactly what that meant and he jumped back into the taxi and told the taxi driver to go and to go fast. The taxi took off. The storm caused a tree to fall across the road and the taxi could not go passed it. The son told the taxi driver "they are not after you, they will not hurt you." The son jumped out of the taxi, jumped over the tree and ran as fast as he could until he came to an Ocata driver who had just dropped off a passenger. He jumped onto the Ocata and slapped the driver on the back and said "go fast". The driver took off and that is how the son got away. Don asked him what would have happened if they had caught him. His reply was "I will either come back in December or not at all". The son had no idea what was in the trunk. He also says he will never go visit his family again.

Sister Corbaley and I cooked and peeled 300 eggs and sliced them to be ready to make egg salad.

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