Tuesday, September 27, 2016

August 6, 2016

Don went for a run and ran up the mountain road the Chinese are building. Part way up a young man came out of a zinc house and called to Don asking him if he was M.O.B. Don did not know what that meant and shrugged his shoulders with his arms outstretched with his palms up. The young man asked again "are you M.O.B.?" Don made the same motion and included "I don't know what that means". The kid pointed to Don's red bandana that was tucked inside his shorts. Just then two young people appeared behind the first young man and they were both wearing red bandanas. The first young man said "member of blood". Again he asked "are you a member of blood?" Don told him "No, I am an old white man out for a run". Again the young man pointed to Don's red bandana and asked if uses it to wipe his head. Don wiped his head and said "yes". The young man said "you are OK". Don continued his run. He went about 3km and the same thing happened. This time he was asked if he was R.F.M. Again, Don shrugged his shoulders and lifted his arms with the palms up to indicate he did not know what that was. The kid said "Red Flag Member". Don said "NO". Don asked the kid what would happen if he were a M.O.B. The kid told him then they would "fight". After a short dialog and Don declaring he was just an old white man out for exercise Don was declared "OK" and that he could continue his run. Apparently there are a number of gangs here. They are called "cliques" or "bad boys".

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