Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 6, 2016 - accident update

Sister Clawson came into our office and asked if I would be her companion doing some of her errands. We went to Choithram Hospital to pay the bill for Bishop Marcus who was released from the hospital this morning and airlifted to Accra this afternoon to have his wrists rebroken and set again for the third time. She checked on two other missionary business items.

 From there we went shopping to 3 different Lebanese grocery stores. She is responsible for providing a ton of meals this weekend and we bought a whole lot of food. It was so fun. She and I are twins when it comes to how we shop. When we got back to the mission home I helped Tity make banana muffins and corn muffins. We made 220 all together and 21 cupcakes. We froze all of them for use this next weekend.

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