Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 15, 2016 - another accident

2 More Accidents - The missionaries are not allowed to ride on the Ocatas. However, two of our missionaries broke the rules and one ended up in the hospital. His Ocata hit head on with a taxi. The Ocata driver and the Elder were both injured. The Elder said he flew over the hood of the taxi, rolled to the ground and the Ocata driver flew a different direction and was also laying on the ground. The taxi driver sped away and left them their. The Elder Companion said no one would stop to help them until two "English men" pulled over. They did an assessment on the hurt Elder and then helped him get into their vehicle. They then went over to the Ocata driver and helped him get into their vehicle. They took them to the 34 Military Hospital. Sister Clawson is in Bo and she is the one responsible for all the medical issues of the missionaries. She called Don and asked him to go to the hospital and take her place. We had just completed another hike 2 miles down and 10 miles back up the mountain looking at placing 5 spring boxes. We hurried over to the hospital. Remember That horrible hospital Brother Doe was in in Freetown? This hospital was equal to it. It even had rats running around in it during the day. We let them complete their assessment and they "Packed and dressed" a wound in his groin area and as soon as we possibly could got the Elder out of that hospital and moved over to Choithrams. While they were working on The Elder at the Military hospital I was sitting in the adjoining room. There was a dark man on a bed in a dark room in his underwear. No one was paying attention to the man. The Elder companion saw me looking at him and told me he was the Ocata driver. It was obvious the man was in pain. I watched for a few minutes and there were people in hospital attire walking, sitting, and standing around all on their phones. No one did a thing for this man. I went over and talked to him and he said his left let hurt. It was terribly swollen. I asked a person about getting him some help. She put her phone in her pocket and went over and stood above him and asked him if he had any money. He said "no". Without saying a word, she reached in her pocket, got her phone out, and walked away. Before we left this hospital to go to Choithrams, I requested from a "Doctor?" Some help for this young man. He said "No money, no treatment".

 Also while I was sitting in the adjoining room which was a waiting room, ward, and admitting room, a woman came in hurt from being in a bus on her way to Bo (4 hours away) and the bus was in an accident and 17 people were dead. President and Sister Clawson were on that road headed to Bo but they did not see the accident. It must have happened behind them.

Back to our hurt Elder who is now over at Choithram Hospital: Elder complained about his back hurting. Don called Sister Clawson and She called Dr. Anderson the West Africa Medical Doctor from the States. He requested an x-Ray and urine test to make sure there is no blood in the urine. The x-Ray was looked at by 3 different doctors and was determined that nothing was broken. The urinalysis came back negative for blood. The Elder said the "Doctor?" At the military hospital who cleaned his wound scrubbed it hard to clean it and then poured alcohol in it. It was excruciating. His pants and garment bottoms had the crouch ripped out of them. He does not know what he hit but we are assuming it was the lid on the gas tank and his lower back on the right side hit the handlebars. Of course being thrown though the air and landing on the hood of the taxi and then rolling to the ground did not help. The Elder's companion spent the night at the hospital with hurt Elder. We went to the local grocery store and purchased water and food for them.

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