Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 2, 2016

This morning we picked up a police officer in grafton that needed a ride to downtown Freetown. We were on our way to the Mission Office so we got him close. His name was Richmond and he was very chatty. Actually, he can out talk Don. He told us all about how the police extort money from the poor and how he refuses to do that. He says the police make good money (between 700 and 800 Leones per month, plus a big bag of rice). He says the police should treat people according to their economy. He showed us the church he attends which brought up the subject of religion. When we told him we are Latter-Day Saints he said, "ahhhh, a very good church! I read about Joseph Smith. Reading is my hobby". He went on to tell us about his relationship with his wife. He said that many of his fellow police officers have girlfriends. He said "I have a housewife… If I want to play, I play with my wife. We have been married for 18 years and we have never had a fight. When I wrong her, I buy her a bottle of nights in heaven". "Uh, is that a perfume?" "Yes". Then he told us about a time when he gave a pair of his shoes and a shirt away to a friend and did not tell her he did that. She saw his friend one day and saw he was wearing her husbands shoes and shirt. She was upset with her husband for not telling her. So he bought her a bottle of perfume. Another time he was suppose to buy 4 gallons of paint for her sister and used the money to buy something else. She was upset with him so he bought her a pair of shoes and placed them on top of 4 gallons of paint. He found her in the parlor and told her to close her eyes. He lead her into the other room and told her to open her eyes. When she saw the shoes and paint, she was full of hugs and gladness. She was so happy she forgot all about being mad at him. When she wrongs him, he gets quiet and refuses to talk to her. She will make him a really nice meal and apologize and he won't forgive her until she coaxes him in a playful manner and then he will eat her food. He is a man of integrity and fidelity. Instead of going to the bars and spending money on liquor and gambling he goes to the store and buys soft drinks for his family and they enjoy themselves together. He has two children. He is a family man and would make a wonderful bishop.

Sister Clawson called and invited us to lunch. The Peines are still here and will leave to go back to Ghana at 1:00. So we had a wonderful lunch and another round of goodbyes.

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