Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 11, 2016

A glorious day.

 We went to Kossoh town District Conference and were able to hear District President Sesay, President and Sister Clawson and Elder and Sister Davies speak.

District President Sesay talked about the 5 most important days in his life. The first one was the day he met his wife. A very important beginning to his talk. Marriage relationships are so very bad here. For him to stand and say that his wife is the most important thing to him was shocking to the natives. One day a Stake Priesthood leader walked into a ward PEC meeting late. He took his seat and was shocked at the topic of discussion. They were discussing how many times a week is it appropriate to beat your wife. Families do not sit together at church and an outsider has no idea who the marriage partners are and who the children belong to. Everyone is scattered throughout the congregation. President Sesay's 5 most important days all centered on his family. Excellently done!

President and Sister Clawson chose the same topic unaware they had done that. After Sister Clawson Spoke, President Clawson stood up and said he was the 2nd testimony to the topic his wife spoke about. Which was saying harsh words to each other and offending people, being unkind, gossiping and just downright being mean. A very necessary talk. Sister Davies talked about love. Elder Davies gave a great talk on

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